We ARE more likely to be hurt!

We ARE more likely to be hurt!

Have YOU Forgotten This?!! Our kids spent a couple of hours yesterday playing with their cousins, which gave my husband and I the opportunity to pull out our bikes and go for a ride in the afternoon. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it felt to get outside again and ride on my cyclo-cross bike.  Although I do have to admit, the best part was finally spending some quality time with my husband doing something we both love and are passionate about (sharing something both you and your spouse enjoy helps seeds a strong marriage/relationship). With a strong head wind and steep hill climbs we […]


So many micronutrients in only 1 Glass A few months ago we decided to begin juicing again.  As we would like to do this everday, it does not always happen, but, at least I can say we are making a point to juice at least 2x/wk. BOY, do I ever notice a difference in my energy levels when I have juiced. I tend to have more energy and feel like I could take on the world all day and night.  It’s hard to believe one would feel like this after consuming only 500ml of pure juice.  A simple mixture of fruits, vegetables, spirulina, and a few […]

I am LUCKY!!

Looking over this past week and all the events that have happened in the United States, have further strengthened my strong belief that I AM LUCKY for my life. Too many times I look around me and hear people complaining of small petty things.  Many are focused on what they do not have; what they wish they had; or simply jealous of another’s accomplishments. Rather than stressing and being nasty about what you do not have, start focusing your energy on what you DO HAVE!! Every morning I make it a ritual upon rising to focus on the good in my […]


Would Your Car Run on EMPTY? We all know the answer to the above question right…yet how many of you run your own body on EMPTY? No, I’m not talking about starving yourself by not eating, that’s a topic for another day, what I am talking about is more simple; WATER.  Pure, Simple Water. When you woke up this morning, did you drink coffee or white/green tea?  If you said coffee, remember that coffee dehydrates you. If you consume one mug of coffee, you must follow with one mug of water. Upon waking up this morning, did you also consume a room temperature glass of water, […]

Chia Seeds

No these are not frog eggs! In the past I read a lot about Chia Seeds.  No, I’m not taking about the Chia Head pets that you saw in the late 70’s, early 80’s.  I’m talking about the Chia Seeds that you consume.  After a client asked me about them, I decided to do my own investigation.  I did notice there are a lot of various companies out there stating that they have the “BEST” Chia Seeds on the market.  All that I ask is you educate yourself and make sure you purchase ONLY ORGANIC. I am very specific about what comes into our household […]

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